Our operation has changed over the years. We used to move south a lot, using the Renault Truck with 5 sleds to go explore. Now we have found the best terrain just around the corner, so we focus on having the best snow machines. The deep and dry snow of the central Andes demands nothing less than the new Polaris RMK Pro 800.

Light weight and powerful, EFI has the engine right there on any condition and altitude. This is not the compact snow and flat hills you find further south, this is real powder and high mountains.

We have changed to a Ford F350 4x4 truck. It has the speed and toughness we need in this terrain. A deck and a trailer and we are as good as ever.

This new site is close to our warehouses, so we can attend to every problem quickly, having Santiago as a back up for parts, work, communications and safety.

On site, we have set up a container hut and all the tools we need for sled adjustments, refueling, etc. So our crew can welcome you or work on your sled right where they want to be, on the mountain.