Action sports media crew logistics

Hey rider, why not take advantage of the opposite season, stack your part with new spots and travel images, deep snow and high mountains, glaciers and steeps? Maybe you are as tired as us seeing the same old spots on videos every year…

We see crews arrive in Chile and ride the same stuff Terje and Farmer rode over 20 years ago. We urge you now to step it up! We know it’s not easy, the first time you see this mountains, it’s scary! The size of the mountains and the access to them are intimidating.

Lucky for you, we have been doing our job for years, exploring and looking for better terrain and conditions. Winter in the Andes is epic; there is always powder somewhere. We see crews miss out every year. Don’t waste your time, ask the locals, but ask the one that have been looking the furthest, us.

Since we started, our main clients have been Winter Sports industry leaders like Burton, Polaris Industries, TGR, Sole Tech, Oakley, etc. This is our specialty, we take care of everything!

  • Crew and sled transportation
  • Backcountry guiding and safety
  • Deluxe lodging and meals, etc.
  • Photographers and filmers on request
  • Aerial footage by AeroProducciones on request